We love storytelling !!

The most important years for your child’s literacy development is between birth and the age of eight, so it’s important that we help nurture their skills and share literacy experiences together with them from their first day with us, building on what you have started and will continue at home. It is never too early to start reading with your child, developing their ability to listen, copy, understand and connect words. Starting with touch and feel books before progressing to picture and word books is great for engaging your child’s senses and building their confidence with books. It’s great to be able to share books one to one, encouraging our children to take the lead and turn the pages themselves. We talk about the stories we read questions throughout the book such as “what do you think will happen next?” to make your child think and connect stories. Books with lots of rhyme, rhythm and repetition are ideal when our children are just starting to read words as it encourage them to predict and memorise.

Developing a love of books and literature is an important piece of what we provide at The Winchmore Hill Preschool and National Story Telling Week provided us with an additional forum to do so. We aim to make books meaningful to children through our interactions with them. Sharing stories and reading to children is just a part of this. Story reading times are comfortable cosy times, when children can relax and listen and look. They are a time for learning about others worlds and experiences, a time to giggle together or look at interesting images in books. As we get older they are times to talk about authors, illustrators and to start to anticipate what is coming next in a story.

During National Story Telling Week we have added (as we do during the year) activities to make story time more meaningful through the learning experiences that we provided that are associated with the books we were reading. This gave our children  (and staff team ) the opportunity to role play and dress up as their favourite characters. They were able to test out what it feels like to be the characters in the stories and what they might say in the safety of role play experiences.


Other learning experiences were introduced associated with the books we were reading and included. The Gruffalo experience was followed up as the branches that had been collected for the Gruffalo tough tray experience were used for marking making, developing had eye co-ordination and control. The leaves from the branches were used to create pictures fostering creativity .

The Room on the Broom led to the children experiencing a potion making experience and the flowers from this were used for painting.

Our younger children experienced an indoor Teddy Bears Picnic, complete with cucumber sandwiches.

We always try to collaborate with our families and National Story Telling  week was no exception. Parents contributed to this weeks experiences by supporting us and dressing their children up as their favourite book characters. They also shared their child’s favourite books with us and introduced us to some amazing books we did not know, some of which will be purchased to share with our children.


We covered all areas of the curriculum this week when exploring our books, used the indoor and outdoor environments, in our base rooms and the sensory room and the experiences were enjoyed by all of our children from the Explorers to the Learners.

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