Recently, a child was extremely interested in volcanos and often chooses to incorporate them into his play; including making them out of playdough and varying different construction resources.

Our nursery team decided to make a volcano from Papier-mâché and create their very own volcano eruption. This excited the children who talked about what they were going to do and became engaged in helping, mixing shredded paper with glue, water and paint and then using their hands to put the mixture around a plastic bottle to form a mountain shape. Once it had dried they painted it and decorated the volcano with dinosaurs, leaves and sticks before surrounding it with tissue paper ‘grass’.

Ahead of the next activity, the children gather on the carpet and watched some videos on the interactive screen of volcanos and how they form before also watching some videos of volcanos erupting.

The scene was set and the children were shown the ‘ingredients we were going to use to make our lava, including vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring. We used a funnel to put some bicarbonate of soda into our volcano. We then mixed vinegar with red food colouring in a jug. We poured the vinegar mixture into the bottle with the bicarbonate of soda and a red foam began to form and erupt from the bottle and down the sides of the volcano.

The children recognised this as lava and were very excited to see the eruption. They were fascinated to see the dinosaurs being covered with lava just as they had seen land being covered in the videos.

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