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Settling your child into nursery

Starting nursery is both an exciting and daunting time for children and their families, as it’s full of new experiences and new routines. As children take their first steps away from their families full time care, it’s important to make sure they are comfortable and happy as they settle into their new nursery environment.

You’re never going to know for sure how your child will respond to the separation, new surroundings and different faces, but there are a number of ways you can help the process be as smooth and stress-free as possible for your little one.


How can I help my child settle in at nursery?


  • Prepare them for the separation

Your child needs to become accustomed to spending time away from you without being upset or feeling anxious. Before starting nursery, it can be beneficial to leave your child with a family member or trusted friend for a short period of time to ease the initial feeling of separation.


  • Use positive language and actions

Discuss nursery with your child and tell them about the fun activities they will get to take part in and how they will make great new friends!


  • Be supportive and caring

It’s natural for your child to feel nervous and upset about leaving you initially. However, if you continue to reassure them you’ll be back to see them soon, and support them by staying calm and positive, their responses will mirror that until they eventually feel completely comfortable.


  • Discuss the day at nursery

When your child finishes nursery, make some time to discuss their day. Find out what activities they have been doing and what they enjoyed about them. Approach these conversations with a positive attitude and manner.

  • Work together with the nursery staff

Build a partnership with the staff at Winchmore Hill, so you can both work together to help your child feel as happy and comfortable as possible as they settle in.


How can Winchmore Hill help?

At Winchmore Hill, we have settling in process to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible throughout the transition. This process gives our mentors a chance to bond will you and your child, so we can support you both each step of the way.


The settling in process

  • We prefer to visit your home for the first part of our settling in process. This way, we can get to know your child whilst they are in familiar surroundings, as well as discussing our procedures and policies with you and answering any of your questions.
  • You and your child will have an hour to yourselves with the team at our nursery, so you can get to know everyone and the environment. Some activities will be prepared by your child’s mentor relating to the information they picked up from their first visit.
  • Next, you and your child will spend a short period of time with their mentor at our nursery. When they have settled, you will leave them with their mentor and enter a separate room to watch how they respond and play via our CCTV.
  • The next two visits, your child will spend longer periods of time with their mentor and eat a meal with them. Once they can comfortably spend 3 hours with us, they are usually ready to start nursery.
  • Throughout the settling in process, we ask you to stay on the premises as support for your child. Their mentor will be there each step of the way and will give them time to play alone and make friends when they’re ready.


Our settling in process can be tailored to both you and your child, to ensure you have the smoothest transition experience possible. Feel free to discuss anything you like with our staff or ask them any questions you have, we are here to help your child take their first step of independence and have the best nursery experience.

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