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It is very important to us at The Winchmore Hill Nursery & Preschool that children are fed nutritious home-cooked meals that provide them with the nutrients they require to grow and develop. With this in mind, all of our menus designed by specialist nutritionists so you can be rest assured that your child will be receiving healthy food when they’re eating at The Winchmore Hill Nursery & Preschool. We serve largely organic food and provide our children with varied tasty meals. All meals are freshly cooked on site. They are designed to be healthy and nutritionally well balanced and will broaden our children’s palate, by introducing food from a range of cultures with different flavours and textures. A vegetarian option is available daily and fresh fruit or yoghurt is available as an alternative to dessert.

We are committed to Healthy Eating and all our dishes offered in the nursery rank as ‘healthy eating choices’.

We know that our daily diets from when we are young set the patterns for our eating habits in later life. It is important that we consider the foods we feed our young children very carefully, for example avoiding giving them food that contains added sugar or salt, ensuring that we provide them with a balanced diet especially once we start reducing their milk feeds and offering them a wide range of foods to taste.

It is considered good practice to give your child finger foods such as batons of cooked carrot, broccoli or cauliflower to hold and eat alongside their mainstay foods, so they can start to feed themselves and we encourage baby led weaning . Children are given every opportunity to feed themselves to promote physical development, independence and self -confidence. As they grow older they are encouraged to serve themselves selecting the portion size they want and pouring their own drinks.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the dietary needs of all our children are met and those children with allergies and preferences are given a meal as similar as possible to the menu. All food is made fresh within the nursery every day and all staff hold a food hygiene certificate.

Our nutritious preschool menus below vary according to the season and reflect eating habits apt for the time of year.


We encourage our children to make healthy food choices

Our nutritious preschool menus below vary according to the season and reflect our desire to create healthy eating habits.

Meal times are a social event, enjoyed with other children and staff.  The nursery staff are encouraged to eat with the children and to help them develop healthy eating and social skills. Each day, parents are given information about the food their child has had during the day.


Official Recognition

We aim to meet the full requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, the Children’s Trust Food and Nutrition Guidelines and those of HEYL (Heathy Early Years London), recently accredited by the HEYL first steps.

Food Hygiene Rating

Winchmore Hill Preschool has been awarded a five rating of very good by the Food Standards Agency.

See our sample nursery menu below.

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