What to do on the bank holiday with the children in Winchmore Hill

The August bank holiday is just around the corner and, with that in mind, it’s likely that many parents will be wondering what to do with the kids on the bank holiday in London. That’s why The Winchmore Hill Preschool has put together a list of activities that the whole family can do, whether there’s sunshine or rain on the day. So read on to find out how to organise a bank holiday kids will love!

Picnic in the park 

There are various parks around Winchmore Hill and our favourites include:

  • Friends of Fir Farm Wetlands
    Take a tour with the kids across the Friends of Fir Farm Wetlands. Founded in 2013 with the view to bring the community together and improve biodiversity, Fir Farm is a fun outdoor area that will keep the kids entertained this bank holiday. Together you can listen out for the sound of crickets, grasshoppers, birds and bees, gaze at the sky and share what you see in the clouds, identify tree species and their unique leaves – it’s entirely up to you!
  • Grovelands Park
    There is so much going on at Grovelands Park, including a children’s playground, an adventure playground, a bird watching area, a pitch and putt, basketball courts, a gym area, dog walking routes, a fishing lake and a bowling green. With something to keep everyone happy, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Grovelands this bank holiday near Winchmore Hill.   

Putting together your picnic

Once you’ve located your favourite park for your August bank holiday in Winchmore Hill, you can  put together a picnic for the family. We understand that time is of the essence, so here’s a list of some simple but tasty snacks to take with you on your day out in the park. 

Here are some picnic snack ideas:

  • Vegetable fingers – cut up some carrots, peppers and a cucumber and get your child to pop them into an airtight container to help you with the food preparation. Don’t forget the dips either – hummus or sour cream are always crowd favourites! 
  • Pitta pockets – halve some pitta breads and fill them with your child’s favourite fillings. Chicken breast and salad always work well in pittas and for a vegetarian/vegan option, falafel and salad is always yummy.  
  • Mini quiches – when making the fillings, have your child help mix the ingredients and pour them onto the pastries – this will help them gain a sense of accomplishment. And who knows, they might even be cooking you meals down the line! 
  • Chocolate chip cookies – what’s not to like about a crispy but gooey cookie? Your kids will love them and will be more than happy to give you a hand with making them. 

Showing your children how to cook responsibly is the first step to getting them to understand best practices in the kitchen. Get them to measure, mix and pour ingredients and talk them through the adult tasks such as chopping, using hobs and ovens to help them understand the risks of a kitchen. 

Outdoor activities

Whether you and your children like the idea of an active bank holiday in London or something a little more leisurely, here are a few ideas of what’s local to Winchmore Hill.

  • Go Ape Cockfosters – enjoy some highrise fun amongst nature with a treetop adventure at Go Ape. Walk across wobbly bridges, zip wire through the forest and get active this bank holiday. The treetop adventure is suitable for children over four and there are plenty of safety systems along the way to ensure they keep safe while having fun. 
  • Jungle Falls Adventure Golf – 18-holes of fun-filled golf, this activity is packed full of hungry, life-sized jungle animals lurking amongst the palm trees, the cascading waterfalls and the dense jungle marshes. With so much to look at, your children will feel like they’ve been transported to a distant land! 
  • Parkside Farm PYO – pick your own seasonal fruit and vegetables with the family in the countryside. Enjoy a stroll around the farm with a basket in hand and show your little ones where and how their favourite produce grows. The best visits are between June and October – so going for the bank holiday in August won’t disappoint.  
  • Go for a bike ride – kids tend to learn to ride a bike between ages four and six, so perhaps it’s time to either teach your child to ride a bike this bank holiday or to map out a fun cycling route for some family fun.  
  • Go on a bug hunt – a scavenger hunt is always great fun and it’s an opportunity for kids to get interactive with the outdoors. For the bug hunt, you can have your children list and draw their favourite bugs – for example: bees, spiders, lady birds, ants, moths, butterflies, wasps, slugs, snails and flies – and have them tick them off one by one as and when they find each bug.

Indoor activities

If the weather isn’t looking great on your August bank holiday in London, don’t worry, we have plenty of indoor activities for the bank holiday kids will love.

  • Paint The Town – this pottery painting cafe offers plenty of exciting activities where kids can get their hands dirty. With a selection of unglazed pieces of pottery, your child can find their favourite and make it their own using a wide selection of paints and paintbrushes to help them create a masterpiece.

    As well as pottery painting, Paint The Town also offers other exciting activities including: acrylic painting, foam or clay creations, decoupage, textile decoration and bath bomb making sessions. 
  • Build a den – grab lots of cushions, pillows, blankets and duvets, and drape them over your soft furnishings with your kids to make a large den. Inside the den, cover the floor with soft pillows and more blankets to create a cosy space. With the addition of snacks and their favourite film, it’ll make for a fun day in! 
  • Pizza creations – using some delicious toppings, let your child create their own pizza, whether they want to put faces on their pizzas using peppers or olives, or want to create a pattern, let them have some fun with their food. 
  • Jigsaw puzzles – using a large and clear surface, empty a jigsaw puzzle box, separate the corner pieces from the middle pieces and start building the picture from the outside in. Jigsaw puzzles are very therapeutic and can help to improve the cognitive skills of people of all ages. 
  • Old T-shirt designs – grab a couple of old t-shirts, turn them inside out and let the little ones get creative! Using stencils, marker pens, glitter glue and sequins, they can make their very own clothing line.

The Winchmore Hill Preschool

Bank holidays present great opportunities to spend some quality time with all the family, so make it memorable with a fun activity that’ll keep you all smiling, come rain or shine. At The Winchmore Hill Preschool, we have a passion for excellence and innovation in both child care and child education, which means we’re always here to offer ideas and advice.Feel free to contact us to find out more, we’d love to help.

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